Download the PDF version of "Reducing Leakage & Incubating Savings" -- the unveiling of the ground-breaking Auto Portability Simulation model, as delivered at the EBRI Policy Forum on May 12, 2016. 

Developed in 2016, the Auto Portability Simulation (APS) model demonstrates how Auto Portability can dramatically cut cashouts and "recycle" small-balance (<$5,000) retirement savings accounts back into the defined contribution system. 

Key results from the Auto Portability Simulation model:

  • The model compares two scenarios through 2045:  1) current market practice and 2) Auto Portability
  • Under Auto Portability, cashouts are dramatically reduced -- by $156 billion.
  • Auto Portability also increases roll-ins to employer plans by $115 billion, affecting nearly 76 million participants.

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